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Creating High-Performing Teams (L2L-CHPT-700)

Teams drive organizational progress, yet forming and leading high-performance teams is one of the most complex challenges facing any leader. Creating High-Performing Teams is a unique leadership training experience that combines the best insights from research and real client situations, tested in the context of hands-on, experiential learning. Through cross-functional team building and an enhanced ability to lead high-performing teams, this program places leaders in settings and contexts that will change the way they experience leadership.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Gain hands-on experience in building, participating on, and leading teams in context
  • Understand how team leadership resides in action rather than position
  • Manage strong individual players within a team and draw out the best from everyone
  • Cultivating an understanding that the team is more than a sum of its parts
  • Build a peer network of fellow leaders for sharing challenges, insights, and perspectives

Experience & Impact

The dynamics of teamwork are too complex to be understood in the classroom alone. This course provides a distinctive combination of classroom and workplace training, along with experiential exercises. Leveraging field-based discoveries and the latest in strategic insights, our instructors will provide participants with the strategic frameworks and tools to build and lead teams that leverage individual strengths to achieve outstanding results.

Course topics include:

  • Forming and Sustaining Successful Teams
  • High Performance Team Model
  • Aligning Individuals Around Goals, Roles, Relationships, Procedures, and Leadership (GRIPL)
  • Team Dynamics
  • Establishing a Team Charter

Participant Focus

  • Mid to senior level managers and leaders, including those emerging from a technical / supervisory leadership role
  • Mid to senior level managers and leaders who in need of developing effective leadership skills

Schedule / Investment

Schedule Training Hours Location Investment
January 12 - 22, 2018 10 Hours Edmonton, AB $1,495 plus GST

This course runs over a minimum of two sessions (10 training hours) excluding time for meals and breaks, and is limited to 6-10 participants per session.