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Leader To Leader

Accountability, Trust, and Collaboration (L2L-ATC-680)

Research shows that in cultures where accountabilities and performance are high, leaders are consistently and effectively doing three things: 1) Communicating clear and credible expectations, 2) Creating compelling consequences aligned with the behaviors they want to see, and 3) Promoting Outcome-Creative (vs. Reactive) information flow. Accountability, Trust, and Collaboration is focused on improving across each of these domains, which are inherently linked to one another. Trust is a critical component of leadership effectiveness. Unless you have no interdependencies, it’s hard to get things done without it – it is the heart of enduring collaboration.

Highlights & Benefits

In this course, participants learn more about giving and receiving feedback through Peer-To-Peer Coaching, and accountability through action planning, along with the identification of Accountability Circles. Participants learn more about the ‘High Performance Team’ model, the 5 Factors of Trust, and Psychological Safety, as trust building concepts, and begin a strategy for elevating trust and collaboration. An in-depth exploration of each of the above described three conditions needed for high accountability will becomes a set of guidelines for leading. Through the use of accountability surveys, participants will be asked to measure themselves – by standing in the shoes of the people they lead – on how well they are doing in crating culture of high accountability through the three conditions.

Experience & Impact

Each individual will clearly articulate what it is they strive to do differently in their leadership and arrange to receive formal feedback on this. The feedback is administered through a survey to their respective Accountability Circle. Participants also create their One Big Thing goal, addressing a change in leadership style or performance and the specific behavior changes that the participants are committing to during the process. Peer-to-Peer Coaching is introduced in earnest as participant’s help each other get very clear about focusing on each other’s development, and this follows with a formal feedback process is launched to supplement/complement informal feedback.

Participant Focus

  • Mid to senior level managers and leaders, including those emerging from a technical / supervisory leadership role
  • Mid to senior level managers and leaders who in need of developing effective leadership skills

Schedule / Investment

Schedule Training Hours Location Investment
December 5 - 22, 2017 10 Hours Edmonton, AB $1,495 plus GST

This course runs over a minimum of two sessions (10 training hours) excluding time for meals and breaks, and is limited to 6-10 participants per session.